BBST Test Design review

The second BBST Test Design course wrapped up this past weekend. Figured I would give a little review while it is still fresh on my mind. Test Design (in my opinion) was the most difficult and time consuming of the BBST courses. Like foundations and bug advocacy, it was recommended that a student spend up to 14 hours per week on the class. I may have gone a little bit over that.

As Michael Larsen said, this class is like drinking from a fire hose. Test design is a survey course and as such it is intended to be that way. My main take aways from this course were practical usage of the James Bach HTSM (mapped out in xmind), practical experience in risk based testing, and a thorough overview of domain testing. Many other test techniques were mentioned (survey course, remember?) but these were the focus.

The BBST instructors course starts October 10th. I’m registered for that and ready to get started.

A short diversion.
I have started doing some skype coaching for miagi-do. So far, I have focused on socratic coaching by picking some topic and just talking it over and meandering however feels right. I’d like to mix it up and try some more practical challenge based sessions as well though. If you have experience with software coaching over skype, I’d be love to hear your story.